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Well...this feels like yesterday. ;)

Today I'm sharing one of my favorite birthday/cake smash sessions...ever! How incredible are the smiles on this family? I mean FOR REAL. The first photo in this post is one of my all time favorites, and if this doesn't show you how much fun it is to be one, I don't know what would convince you! (Does it convince anyone else how awesome it would be to be tan right now too? Ahh...summer!) I know I'm always talking about all the things I love about this job, but smiles like this are number one for me and the reason I even do this in the first place. I know it probably seems from the outside like this job is easy...just get a nice camera and you're good to go (IF ONLY! haha)...but I promise you...it is far far away from easy.  Long hours of learning, culling, editing, e-mailing, prepping, endless self-doubt, and that doesn't even include the actual picture-taking (the best part!! ;)), but THIS...THIS is what makes it all worth it! My amazing clients and their even more amazing smiles!! (Even better when my client happens to also be a great friend! :) Our babies had a blast playing together for a little bit before the session!)

This shoot included SO many things I loved too. Let's start with this incredibly amazing hydrangea...which I was drooling over as soon as I pulled in the driveway! I even contemplated asking if I could rent it out for future sessions. Dylan's grandma was a little worried I might try to dig it up and take it home with me in the car! ;) Even better though, later on in the shoot that same grandma could be found twerking behind me to make Dylan laugh. I know you're thinking...wait, Kristen...that was surely a typo? A twerking grandma? Yes, I know. AMAZING. I also tried to hire her to come with me on future shoots. :) She was AWESOME at getting smiles out of this little guy...and his parents! :) Then add in some adorable outfits, a crazy cute wagon, mommy and daddy love, and ending with eating cake in the grass?? Yes to all of it! I loved that Dylan's mom kept his smash simple and sweet with the best background around! :) EXACTLY my style. I also love any cake smash that ends with the baby dumping the cake and passing out in the grass. ;) My kinda kid! Cake smash success? Absolutely! :)

Enjoy!!! Big thanks to his parents for letting me capture these sweet moments for them! :)



Kristen Boylan Photography is a Somerset County NJ Family and Cake Smash Photographer based out of Bridgewater NJ. Kristen Boylan Photography serves locations around the NJ area including Somerset County, Morris County, Middlesex County, Monmouth County, Union County and Essex County, New Jersey. Looking for a Somerset County NJ Family Photographer? E-mail kristenboylanphotography@gmail.com to schedule your photo session!


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