Kathy + Neal = Texas Love Story - Part 1 - Rehearsal Dinner - Bridgewater, NJ Photographer

August 15, 2015  •  1 Comment

Welcome to Texas, ya'll! ;)

Figured it was about time for me to post a throwback to one of my bff's weddings that just deserves to be blogged. There were so many incredible details and moments that are just begging to be shared and remembered. Looking back is always so much fun, as pictures are way better than my memories alone. 

Kathy and I have been friends since the dawn of time, and it was so exciting to be matron of honor at her wedding to Neal in her adopted home state of Texas. The wedding weekend started with the rehearsal dinner Friday night, and Kathy and Neal's families did an incredible job putting all of the rehearsal and wedding details together! You'll see! :) It was also a blast catching up with some old friends, making some new ones, and sharing a ton of laughs (and maybe a few tears)! :)

Although, I do have to admit as we were driving to Neal's family's farmhouse, the site of the rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, and wedding ceremony, we did start to wonder if we had just gotten lost in an episode of Friday Night Lights. 

Clear Eyes. Full Hearts. Can't Lose.

Wayside Manor - We have arrived! :) This farmhouse has been in Neal's family forever and is an incredible backdrop for their wedding day!

The cattle were also guests! :) And to the right are the really fancy portable toilets. No joke. They were actually really fancy. :) They even had mints and a lovely man named Harold passing them out. ;)

How adorable are all of these details?

Oh, and did I forget to mention the awesome palm tree? Yep...palm trees in Texas! :)
Meet Bailey - The Best Pooch! :) The Rehearsal begins! :) With a smooch!

This is what happens when you are Matron of Honor and photographing the rehearsal! ;) Love this shot!  Proud brother! :)

Proud papa! :) The beautiful bride to be! :) I can't remember what was happening here...but it was apparently amusing! :) 

The purple altar! :) We've agreed on our favorite color since birth as well. :)
Practicing carrying the bride off into the sunset! :) Sweet moments!
The amazing rehearsal dinner set-up on the farm! They did such a fantastic job!

The celebration is starting...
The meal was delicious, the drinks were flowing, and many laughs were had by all!

The sun was setting, and it was incredible! It also meant time for some speeches and sharing some memories!

We all then got a little choked up at the father/daughter memory sharing! Lindsay was the most adorable crier of us all though! :)

Adorable childhood photo! :) The evening ends with the most incredible homemade desserts! Neal's mom was after my own heart - everything in Mason Jars! :) The bride then came back to the hotel with us to spend the night before the wedding. We all laughed hysterically as we made our way back through the cattle farms...at only God knows what. It was just like old times! :)

Next up...time to get our pretty on! :)

Texas Forever,

Kristen :)


Valerie Johnson(non-registered)
Wonderful photos Rox Ann. Neal and Kathy looked so happy, as did everyone else. The house, barn, out-buildings and landscape added so much atmosphere to the wedding. Everything was perfect. I'm ready for you to throw another big party!!!!!
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