Kerri Turns One - Let's Smash a Cake - Randolph, NJ Family Photographer

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Anyone hungry for some cake!?! :)

Thankfully, Kerri was! :) I had a blast getting to meet and photograph this adorable birthday girl and her family! Kerri's mom is the daughter of a great friend of mine, and I could not have been more honored to get to capture this milestone for their family! (Even though that friend refused to be photographed with know you are! ;)) I was so thrilled too to get Kerri's big brother, Brendan, in on the action, as it was a perfect way to showcase their personalities! Katie, Kerri's mama, sent me a picture of Kerri's big brother's 1st birthday cake smash before our shoot...that also perfectly captured Brendan's personality! Let's just say this is one little boy that likes to be clean! :) You'll see what I mean soon... :) 

Kerri was such a happy girl and so much fun to photograph! She kept me on my toes, as she is a girl on the move!! Crawling everywhere! I lucked out too, because they have this incredible playroom with awesome light! We had a blast doing some family photos before getting into the mess! (Even if they made fun of me and my posing directions...haha) :) I also like to make sure to get some of just the mama and her little one, as I already know all too well how few pictures moms wind up in! :) The SMASH was just the icing on the cake of this fun session! Kerri was awesome and such a happy girl! She really enjoyed when her brother introduced the idea of eating the cake with a spoon as well! ;) She's up for anything! Such a cutie!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the sugar high of Kerri's First Birthday Session & Cake SMASH! :)

Oh, and did I forget to mention her adorable outfits? :)

Such a happy girl!!! :)

What a beauty!!

LOVE this shot SO much! :) The K above the crib was just awesome! (I totally want one for my K name! :))

The following series is why I love capturing families in their "natural habitat"! :)
Had to get a great one of mom and her birthday girl! :)

Dad needed one too! :)

This little one's Grandma made this dress and matching doll for her too! How crazy cute!!

Enter the cake!! That had a very mysterious finger taste missing...hmm... The cake...BEFORE! :)

Mmm...this number looks good...

Yep...TASTY...just as I expected...

Happy girl! :) Ooops! Cake down! I repeat CAKE DOWN! haha :)

Enter big brother! Hmm...this cake seems very interesting...
What was that Dad? You want some cake? We'll think about it...

So you get ONE guess as to which child does NOT like to be messy?? :) LOVE this! I don't know about you, but I would really like to pinch those cheeks!!! :) Oh, and please notice that big brother introduced the idea of eating the cake with a spoon! Much neater!! :) He is too cute! He knows what he likes and what he doesn't! :)

Kerri likes spoons too! :)

Such a pretty girl - even when covered with icing!

Notice there isn't a speck of icing on her brother! :) Now, I'm sure you're wondering, "Kristen, why are you showing us a picture of icing on the floor?" Well, this is what happened when the cake fell down in the beginning. I told them not to worry about it just yet, as it can make for cute pictures for things to be messy, and the ENTIRE time this was left on the floor, the daddy to these little cherub's was dying to wipe up that icing! haha So, we all knew right away where Brendan gets his aversion to being dirty from! :) Don't worry, I let him wipe it up! haha

Do you think she had fun!?!? Such a great smasher!!!! :)

And the cake...AFTER! :) Had a blast with this wonderful family! Thanks again for letting me capture these memories for you! 


Kristen :)



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