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February 19, 2015  •  1 Comment

Back to blogging! :) Not always easy to find time to squeeze it in during nap time! :) 

Now that it is well past Christmas card season, I am happy to share this awesome fall family session with one of my favorite families! You may recognize this little guy from one of my first blog posts, where he was the cutest pumpkin around! I can hardly believe how grown up he has become. I know everyone says it, but time really does fly. It feels like just yesterday I was getting the news that he was born during Hurricane Sandy! Yes...that's right...during the hurricane!! Such an unforgettable event in so many ways! Noah also had almost the same due date, just two years prior, as my little guy!  

Meghan (aka this little guy's mommy!) is one of my closest friends from high school and college, and I love that we've been able to stay in touch. It is also awesome that we live close enough to get together and be a part of each other's lives through all of these incredible milestones! Many of my closest friends moved away after college, so it has been so wonderful to have some of them stick around the great state of NJ! :)  It is even more fun to be able to photograph those friends...and then see those photos hanging up in their house when you visit!! :) Best. Feeling. Ever.'s like Christmas morning! Love giving people memories they get to look at every day! It's the best part of this job!

Our session date wound up being much colder and windier than we anticipated, but Noah was SUCH a trooper. We got some great family shots right off of the bat at my favorite barn (I know...I need a new favorite barn...but I just love this one so much!), and then took a little walk to see what other fun we could have! I also made sure to get some shots of Meghan on her own to use for her newly designed blog - The Adventure Starts Here - which she has been doing since she and her husband, Chris, started dating. It is such an awesome catalog of their life together! I keep meaning to actually get my own personal blog up and running...but something always seems to fill that time! Hers always reminds me though of what a cool way it is to keep track of life's milestones and memories! Be sure to check it out! 

Enjoy some adorable family lovely-ness! :)

Such a handsome boy!!

Fingers taste yummy...wait until you see how yummy!!

This is my bashful face :)

See...even daddy's finger tastes great! haha Love this "blooper" - Chris didn't actually expect Noah to bite his finger! ha

Uh..Dad...I thought you would have something yummy in this pocket??

Such a model...look at that little bent knee...

What are you guys doing?? - Noah :)

That's more like it...

Love this one! :)

Luckily the sky was pretty awesome...made the wind worth it! 

So Meghan may or may not have been laughing about the >60 year old male jogger in the background who was wearing booty shorts...had to photo shop him out of MANY photos! ha

Mommies need pretty pictures too! :)

Love these mama moments! :)

One of my favorites!!! We were bummed that the wind was so high that we couldn't get the balloon shots we were hoping for...but as we were walking I saw the light looking great...told Meghan and Chris to jump out of the shot, and we got these! I should note that the radio flyer really came in handy for this super pregnant photographer to hold her gear! haha Bonus! :) Love Noah's looks in these! And that hat? Ridiculously cute!

And I couldn't resist the chance to play peek-a-boo with this guy! (And his bff Elmo!) 

Since it was so windy that day, I came back another day to play and take some shots of just Noah! :) Had to get a close up of those beautiful eyes again too! :)

I call this next series Noah: Up Close and Personal! :) New fave! :)

This just needs to be in black and white and color! :)

We both couldn't believe what a little boy he looked like...too grown up!

Love photographing this great family and this adorable little guy!!! Can't wait for next time! :)

Kristen <3


what a beautiful intro! We love having you photograph us too! I'm so happy we are still friends and now I get to watch you experience all the fun milestones with Sawyer just as I did with Noah!
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