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I was honored to once again have a chance to photograph Brian and Kristen now that their precious baby girl had arrived! Their maternity shoot is one of my favorites! They are also one of the few couples I know that didn't find out the sex of their baby in advance, so it was SO exciting to find out the gender! Kristen has had her baby names picked out since...well...forever, so once it was a girl - she was Grace Elizabeth! So perfect! (I wish I could be more like her, as my little guy's name wasn't finalized until the last night we were in the hospital! ha)

We split our session into two dates in order to get the best light possible for some family shots, and we wanted to make sure we captured Grace's sweet smiles and adorable personality! She is already so expressive! We had to make sure to capture her daddy's favorite face too - tongue out! :)

I love that Brian and Kristen are also so incredibly open and flexible, and they didn't bat an eye when I said..."Umm...you're going to think I'm nuts, but I want to do your family shots in the hallway to your garage..." The light in the hallway was amazing, and you have to admit that it is the coolest garage hallway you've ever seen!

Also, Brian had just been working around the house and wasn't even really planning on getting in shots the day we wound up with my favorite family photos of them, as we were originally just going to focus on Gracie...but then when the light was so awesome, we had to get him in there. I am SO glad we did. They wound up being the best! Brian literally got changed and looking awesome in about 60 seconds in order to jump in the pictures. Not hard for this family though, as they clearly have amazing genes! Grace is one lucky little girl, as even more than great genes, they have SO much love for this little one. It is so clear from watching them together that they were just meant to be parents (I already told them they should have about 8,000 babies) and that Grace is going to grow up knowing nothing but unconditional love from these two. It is always my privilege to capture this love and the joys of being new parents, and I hope they will treasure these pictures for years to come!

Alright, enough blabbering...meet Baby Grace! :)

Photo of Grace BEFORE... ;)

Sweet baby feet..

And here she is...AFTER! :)

Having fun playing around with mom and dad...

"Hmm...yes...I am the most adorable baby...thank you for saying so!" - Grace

Daddy's favorite...

Love this!

One of my favorites...

Yes, Grace...you do have your dad wrapped around your little finger...

Amazing what a few months can do...

Those eyes are killer! :) Just wait until you see her smile!

UGH!!! Melt my heart...

Hanging with mom!

Yes, crazy photographer lady, I am happy to see you!!!

See what I mean? Best garage hallway ever...

Safe in dad's arms!

Nothing like a mother's love... :)

Had such a blast with this family, as always, and I hope I get the honor of photographing their next 8,000 babies! ;) No pressure! :)

Welcome to the world sweet baby Grace! :) You are so loved already! More than you will ever know!


Kristen <3


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