One Big Happy Family - Family Beach Session - Spring Lake NJ Photographer

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In honor of the last gasp of summer, I felt we needed to round out with a beach session! :)

Remember these beautiful people

Well, apparently, they are just a piece of one of the most ridiculously photogenic families ever. I mean, honestly! 

For their mom's birthday, Genevieve and Scott (and their lovely spouses and kids!) wanted to give her the gift of capturing some great family photos and memories during their beach vacation in Spring Lake! I was so thrilled that they asked me to be there to photograph their family fun. It was such a blast, and I truly hope she enjoys looking back at these pictures for years to come! (Great gift idea for anyone in your life!! Just throwing that out there! :)) 

So great getting to capture each "mini"-family too! :)

Just love these...

So you never know what unexpected guests might walk (or should I say - run?) through your photoshoot, which can be half the fun of being on location! :) Usually it is joggers, dogs...or if you're really unlucky...rain...but the morning that we were shooting was apparently some sort of junior life guard training day in Spring Lake, so all of the sudden 100s of young kids were running straight through our shots. It was so unexpected and you can see! :) Love the reactions!

Loved getting more great family moments for these guys!

While Jack wasn't crazy about the beach that morning, we still got some great shots of him!

Had to make sure Mom/Grandma and Dad/Grandpa had a great portrait too! :)

When I told them to kiss, all I heard from behind me was "EWWWWWW!" never outgrow that I guess?? Too funny! ;)

Love these genuine happy moments!

Sam and his mommy!

Jack's favorite person! Mom! :) (Dad looking suave off to the side! :))

Sam loves to hitch rides! :)

Beautiful little family! :)

I really loved that Cory had no idea I was taking this photo of him and Sam by the water. He was just off minding his own business being an awesome dad! 

Sam loves his Grandma! (& clapping!!!)

Love the smiles in these! :)

And the photo-bombing seagull! :)

Three generations of SAM!! I wound up having to use "Big Sam" and "Little Sam" during the shoot to make sure I was calling over the right people! :) Love it!

Love the sky here!!

Oh, little're too much!

The original four! :)

Diapered baby makes an appearance on the beach! :) He's just too much!

It was absolutely adorable, because this shell was next to him...and he thought it was hilarious! He touched it, and then he just CRACKED up laughing. Still not quite sure why...but it was the cutest! Love how he's holding on to his mom's dress...

Jack wasn't a huge fan of the beach that day, but we did find a few things he LOVED. #1 Puddles...

#2 Teaching puddles a lesson... While Jack was showing those puddles how it was done, I was able to sneak a few of Sam with Grandma and Grandpa!

#3 on Jack's Fave List - Playing a sweet round of "Beep! Beep!" - Remember how much fun you used to have pretending to drive?? I think about that now when I don't even want to drive the 20 minutes to work (ha! I know...ridiculous!). I used to be DYING to drive! What happens to us?? I'll try to remember this look on Jack's face the next time I'm dreading a drive (like to Ikea...I mean there anyone that likes driving to Ikea?)! :) 

You never know where your next favorite family shot may take place! Front seat of Grandma's car...check! 

Sam is Jack's partner in crime. It really looks like they may be trouble in a few years... :) Watch out ladies!

Too much fun! I loved that everyone just rolled with it! :) Happy kids = Happy photos! :)

I feel like this is truly a heart-breaker in the making...

One of my favorites of the day! :)

Ended with a few indoor lifestyle shots! :)

She's just stunning...

Finally, #4 on Jack's Fave List - Chips and a great movie! :) He knows how to relax after a tough photography session! Just love his little face as he eats!

Wishing this awesome family many more smiles and summers at the beach to come!!

Happy Labor Day everyone! :) Soak up every last drop! I know I will be!




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