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Another throwback session (only a few more until I'm caught up...okay...maybe more than a few!), but this post is taking you back to my visit to one of my favorite people. I finally got to meet & photograph her newborn baby girl and get in some quality play time with little Mr. J! You'll see these kiddos again soon too! :)

We started off getting J warmed up to the camera. Once he realized what I was doing, he transformed into a little ham! :) I've now dubbed them the Big Bear Family, as J now knows me as "the lady that took pictures of my big bear." Too cute!

As I've probably mentioned before, this session is a great example/reminder for me of why I really love lifestyle photography. There are so many sweet moments between you and your baby, between your little ones, and between you and your other family members that their simple beauty often goes unnoticed or just gets lost in the hustle and bustle of real life. I just love that photography allows you to freeze time and capture those sweet moments that you will want to look back on and remember clearly once that time has, inevitably, flown by. Lifestyle photography is just the best of unposed, real life love! You may not realize it now, but I promise when you see the results, you'll wish you could have someone just following you and your family around to catch those sweet moments of your reality. I know I do! (I'd also really love for my life to have a soundtrack, like people in the movies, where music would just start playing that perfectly matches my mood and whatever happens to be going on at the time. I mean, seriously, how awesome would that be? :) Am I right??)

Enjoy some of the Big Bear Family's images! :)

Seriously, child model?? He just went into this pose on his own! :)

So sweet!

Baby Mohawk and big newborn eyes!! (She's still rocking this hairstyle...and it's adorable! You'll see! Her eyes have also just gotten more ridiculously gorgeous over time!)

There's big bear!! :)

There's something about this ruffled up, static-hair, sleepy-face image that I just love! Screams real childhood to me...

Love this too...just pure joy!

Little toesies!

See...hamming it up with Big Bear!! :) Maybe Baby Boylan needs a Big Bear! haha

One of my favorites...maybe ever...


J has one of the coolest rooms! (And his mom is always telling me how NOT creative she is...liar! ;))

Love these little ones!

See you again soon! :)

<3 Kristen


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