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I know. I'm so far behind and totally out of order, but I can't help myself from going back and posting some of my favorite images from past sessions/events that were pre-blog! :) So, sit back, relax, and go on some throwback journeys with me!

November 12, 2013, otherwise known as 11.12.13, was the awesome, once-in-a-lifetime wedding date of one of my favorite couples,  Okay, maybe I'm a little biased, since the groom is my uncle/awesome neighbor!

My uncle, and now fabulous aunt, placed way too much trust in honored my brother and I by asking us to photograph their wedding day. It was tricky being a guest and a photographer, but I earned my dessert that night! :) I now understand why other wedding photographers tell me they need a whole day of rest the day after shooting a wedding! I'm so glad though that I was one of the ones to give them these images that they will look back on for years to come! :)

They had their wedding and reception at The Bridgewater Manor, which was beautiful and even better for me, as it is a super short drive down the street! :) They did a great job of putting together a beautiful fall wedding!

Here are a few of my favorites I captured that day...

They used beautiful bright, warm fall colors and decorations throughout the ceremony and reception.

Love a bride with a sassy shoe she can wear again! :) (For the record, I would like to attend whatever party it is she is going to where she wears these again! ;) You know it will be a good time!)

The ceremony space was warm and cozy, and they even had a family member playing the guitar! Such a nice touch!

My brother at work...or not at work...haha :) He was keeping the groom entertained though, which is important!

A man who knows his bride is coming...

Flower girl cuteness overload...doesn't she remind you of little red riding hood?

After my shots of flower girls and bridesmaids, I then took up my position for the rest of the ceremony, which was behind the bridesmaids and between the flower arrangements. At one point, I was actually shooting in between the flowers within the arrangement, holding my breath in hopes of not knocking anything over. It was a TIGHT squeeze, but so worth it to get these shots!

She's not too happy to be marrying him is she? :) The best smiles...and they just kept going on both of them throughout the ceremony!

Also, because we like to "hire" from within, one of my other uncles did the flowers AND actually performed the marriage ceremony!! He's so multi-talented.

I've never seen him so nervous (and he's been on stage A LOT!), but he did an incredible job! (He wasn't alone though - my brother and I were trying not to have a nervous breakdown the whole time, because we were so scared we'd miss an important shot that you can't recreate because we'd be too busy watching them!)

They wrote their own vows, which I am a HUGE supporter of, and they were so sweet and so them! :) It made the whole ceremony all the more personal and intimate. I also love that in a lot of these you can see my little cousin smiling in the lower corner! :) Their smiles were contagious!

That's the cutest dad in the world on the far right (aka mine) smiling at me as I am crouching on the ground in between dresses to sneak some guest shots. I was trying to so hard to stay out of other people's pictures too! ha

We had fun trying to make them laugh during the family pictures! :) 

It was a little harder than I thought it would be then to get them to be serious for some formal shots...haha...but these are just priceless! :)

Motorcycle man and his bride...

This particular cousin of mine making the toast for his dad was a tough subject. He would deliberately cover his face from me to prevent me from taking his photo, but since showing him this one, he's changed his mind about trusting my skills to make him look good...right, Matt? ;)

A great night celebrating two wonderful people that are so much in love! I am so thrilled to have a new aunt and to have been able to capture their smiles as they started their new chapter together! I feel so lucky to have them living right down the street! :) Love you both! XO

And just so you don't think we're too classy, I will leave you with this. :)


Denise Sarte(non-registered)
Thank you so much Kristen!! You did a beautiful job!! These photos are awesome and I am so thrilled to be part of such a wonderful family!!! Love you!!!
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