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Okay...I'm back! :) Just in time to ring in the new year with a blog post! I can't believe how quickly 2014 flew by. I'm hoping this isn't the new normal, but I have a feeling time is going to just keep moving faster and faster these days.

After having a bit of a whirlwind this fall with being super pregnant and still shooting lots of sessions and working full time (I'm tired just typing that!), blogging fell a little to the wayside. Playing catch-up now, but I am having a blast looking back at all of these amazing families that I have been lucky enough to work with this year! (And doing this all with one hand and a little lovebug on my shoulder! More about him coming soon to the blog!)

First though, I just want to say how thankful I am to all of you that honored me by choosing me to capture some amazing memories for you this year. I feel truly lucky to have met and worked with every one of my clients this year, and I hope I get a chance to photograph your families again in the future! I love having the chance to see your families grow and change, and it truly makes my heart leap when I know that I am able to give you images that hang in your homes and memories that stay in your hearts. Starting this journey and pursuing this passion has brought joy to a part of me that has been missing it. Thank you for being a part of that, as it has truly been one of my favorite gifts this year. I can only hope your images have brought you as much joy as they have brought me! Again, thank you!

Now...on to some adorbale families...that's why you're here after all, right?

This fall I met the C family for some awesome fall family photos! Angie (Mom) contacted me for some super fall-ish pics and wanted to go all out! We met at a local farm, where Angie and her family were just finishing up a hayride when I arrived! You can't really get more fall than that! I got to meet Angie's husband (Jason) and her two boys (Jaxson - 4 years old - and Logan - 21 months), and we got started right away with some great family shots...as we had to rush a bit to beat the rain! 

Fun Fact: When we were e-mailing back and forth, I told Angie that Logan was in our top 5 name choices for our little boy on the way...then during the session, I just happen to ask what his middle name was...and he is Logan James - the EXACT name we would have been using for our little boy! We didn't wind up with Logan...but it was SO CLOSE!! You'll see what we went with in a future post - if you haven't found out via facebook already! ;)

(I was super impressed too with their awesome wardrobe choices, as Angie nailed the whole "complementary" not "matchy-matchy" advice I give my clients! :) Go Angie!)

Alright now...how cute is this family??? A perfect way to ring in 2015!

We start off with a little ambiance! This farm was super adorable with a small petting zoo and all sorts of animals for the kids to see! I took a liking to this little guy, but the love was not mutual.

Mom & her little man...

See what I mean about the awesome wardrobe choices?

Jaxson - He is in the smile with my lip covering my top teeth stage (or really...smiling any way my mom would rather I not stage...happens with EVERY child)...but we got some full on smiles too! :)

Mr. Logan - Don't you just want to eat him? Love the hand to the side - like a little model!

If you're nice to me, I'll let you sit on this pumpkin with me...

SO handsome!

Time for some brother love...and silliness! MY FAVORITE!

One of my favorites of the day. SO much happiness! I think this also may have been when their dad was asking who wanted a Frosty...a man after my own heart! :) My husband got me a frosty on the way home from the hospital after having my little guy...no joke...we took the baby through the drive-thru...that's how serious our family is about Frosties.

Love these family moments. Hand holding doesn't last forever, and I think it is SO important to have that part of growing up captured. Just love this perspective. I happen to be at the point of my pregnancy where I was losing my balance - despite my best attempts to pretend that I wasn't. At this point I had told the family to walk toward me. I then promptly fell on my butt as I crouched down to take some photos...a position I can usually get in and out of in the blink of an eye. This time when I tried to pop up...I popped down...on my butt in the wet grass...BUT I snapped this picture at the same time. And I love it. Totally worth a wet behind.

I adore how Dad is looking at Mom here...the most important part of a family! It all starts with them! :)

Family walks are the best...

Silly boys! :)

Natural model...this kid...I tell ya!

Love this!

What a ham! :)

A little game of "Where's Jaxson?"

There he is!!!

What real family fun is about! :)

See what I mean about getting to work with awesome families??

Wishing you and your family all the fun that 2015 has to offer! Thank you again for letting me capture your memories and for following me on this journey! Here is to so much more joy and many more smiles to come! :)

All the best from my little family to yours!

Happy New Year!

Kristen :)


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