I am honored to photograph the beauty of real life. YOUR real life. As a lifestyle photographer, I aim to give you and your family memories that can last forever. I continue to learn daily how quickly time passes and how short life is, and my goal with every session is to help you and your family freeze time - even for just a little bit. To capture the wisps of your little girl's hair. To remind you how much your little boy loved to be tickled. To show you how tiny and magical a newborn can be. To help you see how gorgeous your amazing baby belly is. To help you see your entire family being who they are. To help you remember the moment you are in - whatever or wherever that is. My goal is to give you the gift of looking back.

How did I wind up here?

Well...I have been a teacher since I can remember. I taught my stuffed animals when I was little. It is something I have always and will always love, but there have been so many changes in education lately that forced me to branch out to find the creative outlet that teaching used to be able to provide me. (I was/am the crazy teacher/librarian that will sometimes teach an entire class with a british accent to make sure my students are listening or return papers by running around the room and joyfully surprising you by smacking them on your desk when you least expect it...so...you get the idea...) With some inspiration from my big brother, some amazing friends, and inspiring photographers, I finally let myself get back into one of my first hobbies and loves. My mom has the 47 pictures of ducks from every angle that I took at the age of 7 to prove it! (While I have greatly improved since then, I still take way too many pictures from every angle....you'll see! I can't get enough of that shutter!) And just imagine it...she had to get those puppies developed to see my genius! Digital is my best friend! :)

With that said, I am proud to share Kristen Boylan Photography. I hope that you will do me the honor of joining me in my journey and come along on this creative adventure with me and my camera. It is filling in that missing piece. I am always up for anything or any creative ideas you have for a session. I like to think outside the box. And if you want me to do your entire session with a british accent...I can do that too! ;)

I am always up for capturing your smiles, milestones, and memories on "film," so feel free to reach out via e-mail, my contact form, text message, facebook, owl or carrier pigeon! :)

Yours in exclamation points and smiley faces,
Kristen :)


P.S. Photo above of me and my smiley little boy (I try very hard not to eat him whole every day!) taken by the amazing Kiersten Rowland of Prema Photographic! :)


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